Petercam AM
Petercam (SA/NV) is a Brussels-based leading independent financial institution set up in 1968 as a private partnership structure. Twelve partners are directly responsible for the development of their respective activities over the three business lines of the firm. They hold 70% of its equity. The remaining 30% is held jointly by the two founding families, Peterbroeck & Van Campenhout.
There are no plans to change this ownership structure in the future. On the contrary, Petercam considers the independence ensuing from this structure to be necessary to compete effectively in an international environment. Our independent structure enables us to provide our clients with tailor-made solutions that fit their long-term needs without any conflict of interest. In other words, our clients' interests are aligned with those of our company, its directors and investment professionals.
Petercam is not a publicly listed company and does not have a formal cr rating.
As a limited company incorporated in Belgium, Petercam S.A. is registered on the list of authorized investment firms as referred to in Article 46 of the law of 6 April 1995 on the legal status and supervision of investment firms, under the category 'stock broking firms' and is fully supervised by the National Bank of Belgium (previously the supervising authority was the FSMA known as the ex-Banking, Finance and Insurance Commission - BFIC or CBFA).

As from October 2013, the institutional Asset Management activity of Petercam is structured in a separate legal entity, named Petercam Institutional Asset Management SA (Petercam IAM), which is wholly owned by Petercam SA. Its business covers asset management for Institutional and Professional Clients and the Sales and Distribution of Petercam's Investment Funds. Petercam IAM is the management company, which is in charge of Fund Management (including Investment Management, Sales & Distribution & Fund Administration) as well as of institutional mandates and which is steering the research activities and dealing desk activities.
Petercam IAM is supervised by the Financial Services and Market Authority (FSMA).

Petercam applies its unique investment philosophy and investment process, pursuing one single objective, namely the creation of added value for all clients through a coherent approach to the financial markets. Our investment philosophy is based on the conviction that active portfolio management generates consistent and risk-controlled outperformance. We believe that inefficiencies exist in financial markets and that a research-based approach with a focus on valuation and identification of long-term sustainable driving forces leads to consistent alpha generation and creates value in portfolio management. Our disciplined investment process allows us to capitalize on these market inefficiencies at all stages of the investment cycle and under different market conditions.

As at December 31, 2013, Petercam IAM had Ä Bln 8,568 AUM, of which the discretionary management of 125 institutional mandates (either in direct lines, either through investment funds) totalling Ä 3.2 billion, and the remaining through distribution.

The key elements that differentiate Petercam from its competitors are:
- Active Management
- Independent asset management: Petercam is an independent company that concentrates on managing assets for its clients. Our intellectual independence guarantees thorough commitment to our clients in a long-term partnership.
- Fundamental research-based approach: research including a systematic analysis of the factors influencing financial markets is the cornerstone of the decision-making process.
- Independent research: macroeconomic research, investment-related research and financial analysis are done within Petercam and are carried out on an independent basis.
- Team-driven decision-making process: all investment professionals work in close collaboration and are organised into agile and efficient teams "close" to financial markets.
- Innovative and evolving: Petercam addresses the changing needs of institutional clients and has a solution driven behaviour.
- Risk awareness: Petercam is a risk-aware investment boutique taking into account the different sources of risk influencing performance and evolution of client assets. The added value offered to our clients is generated at various levels through a large number of components and in all stages of the investment decision-making process.
- Fully invested in core asset classes

Our strong investment performance has been acknowledged by the asset management industry. Petercam has won several awards with its investment funds. Also in the pure institutional market Petercam leads the pack in terms of performance. According to the Mercer annual survey on the Belgian Pension Fund, Petercam is leading over a 10 year period.
Services offered
Asset management is one of the three main activities of Petercam. Our activities are organized in three business lines:
-Institutional Asset Management
-Private banking
-Investment Banking: Institutional Sales & Brokerage & Corporate Finance
It should be noted that there are Chinese walls between the various business lines in order to avoid any conflict of interest.
Institutional Asset Management: As an independent asset management house, Petercam has positioned itself as an investment boutique on the European market in the management of assets for institutional clients. Assets under management include mainly equity, fixed income, real estate and money market products or mandates, which are managed in balanced (several asset classes) or specialized (one specific asset class) mandates.
Petercam Private Banking: Private Banking includes investment and estate planning services provided to private individuals, families and trusts. Private Banking offers discretionary, advisory and personal management services. The expertise of our multidisciplinary teams of portfolio managers and estate planners has proven to be a true asset to our clients with regard to allocation of their assets, their estate and financial planning.
Investment Banking: brokerage(Petercam's team of financial analysts feeds the Institutional Sales teams with high-quality research, enabling Petercam to be a prominent independent broker in the Benelux) and corporate Finance (including: mergers & acquisitions, capital market transactions, private equity placements, corporate finance advisory, real estate and structured finance.)

Product development: Our expertise is focused on European equities (including subthemes of Small & Midcaps, High Dividend Equities), global stocks with a thematic approach (Agrivalue, Energy, Metals & Mining), European listed real estate and Euro/global fixed income which includes the traditional government and investment grade corporate bonds, global high yield as well as an SRI government approach (in OECD countries on the one hand and Emerging Markets on the other). Petercam was a pioneer in launching a European Higher Yield short term fund in June 2010.