Basis Point Group LLC
Basis Point Group, LLC (BPG) is a specialist consulting firm focused on managing the critical organizational and systems changes needed to improve competitiveness, quality of client service and mitigating operational risk for investment management and capital markets firms. We are dedicated to optimizing the performance of the people, processes and systems within each client company.

BPG uses an unparalleled, structured discipline to assist Chief Operating Officers and their teams to analyze, measure and improve operational processes, cost-effectiveness and transparency. Our partners work directly with investment management, finance, compliance, risk, securities operations and technology management on productivity and process control improvement projects.

We achieve sustainable results for our clients by combining OPERA™, our proprietary operations performance and risk measuring methodology, with our depth of practical knowledge and experience. The result is the delivery of highly effective business support infrastructures and technology solutions across the financial industry, particularly for the largest investment and securities firms.

OPERA™ is a concise, client-centered measure of Operating Performance and Risk for the financial industry. Our proprietary methodology allows financial firms to assess operational performance against client commitments and expectations. OPERA™ provides actionable metrics to pinpoint quality and risk hotspots and quickly isolate individual and systematic processing issues.

The OPERA™ framework provides senior managers a practical means to measure improvements in operating performance and reductions in processing risk and better determine the return of infrastructure investments in people, processes and applications. By utilizing information generated in the normal course of business, OPERA™ allows line manager to drill down, monitor and improve operational performance and reduce risk.
Services offered
Basis Point Group improves performance, from front to back — maximizing returns from the interaction of people, processes and technology investments.

The services we offer fall into one of six categories:
• Enhancing Strategy and Performance
• Maximizing Returns from Operational Infrastructure
• Planning and Implementing the Right Technology
• Engineering Competitiveness Front to Back
• Compliance and Operational Risk Reduction
• Adapting to Customer Demands and Market Trends

To achieve maximum returns, we invest time and effort "on the ground" analyzing requirements before customizing our services and selecting the best consultants.

The time has come for firms to use quantitative methods to manage internal processes, extending performance measurement to the enterprise level. It is established practice for firms to calculate investment performance, attribution and benchmark investment returns. BPG advocates a similar system that turns the spotlight on internal operations.

Using OPERA™ — our proprietary measurement framework — BPG has transformed operational processes for many global firms. Typically, our clients realize significant quantifiable improvements in productivity and oversight, benefiting from reduced operating risks and expenses.

In addition to introducing quantitative operational performance measurement, BPG partners are currently advising firms on how to improve derivatives processing, tighten risk and compliance controls, maximize returns from new trading systems and architect improvements across the spectrum of investment data management, IT applications and the latest technology.