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Societe Generale: a sublime performance

This past Saturday, at London's Royal Festival Hall, was a proud moment for Societe Generale CEO Frederic Oudea. Close to three hundred of the Group's staff put on a spectacular performance of a repertoire which took the invited audience on a tour of Europe, featuring well-known works from the likes...
Does Mathieu Maurier possess a crystal ball?

Does Mathieu Maurier possess a crystal ball or some other method of divining the future? The question posed itself over the weekend of March 4/5 when news broke of the surprise announcement of an 11 billion merger between Aberdeen Asset Management and Standard Life Investments. The likelihood of...
The great pensions switch continues

The changes that have taken place in pension provision across the Western world in recent decades represent nothing less than a revolution. The continuing switch away from the traditional defined benefits (DB) model to a defined contributions (DC) approach has gathered momentum to the point at which...
Optimism pervades the air

An air of optimism characterized this year's annual Sibos gathering, in Geneva, according to Mathieu Maurier, Global Head of Sales and Relationship Management at Societe Generale Securities Services, speaking after a week or so of considered reflection on the event. "This is our 25th straight...

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